System Administrators dream of a tool that will allow them to find, debug and fix a typical server side problem in less than 1 minute. Wizard Assistant is that dream come true. Wizard Assistant comes with advanced automation tools, preloaded common and special time-saving commands, and a built in SSH terminal. Now you can remotely administer, troubleshoot, and analyze any system with ease. Find and resolve problems faster with an infinitely flexible toolkit. This is the application System Administrators dream of and now it exists.


Wizard Assistant came to be due to my personal need of becoming a more efficient and less stressed out Technical Support Agent. I was tired of typing everything by hand when the commands were pretty much the same thing with slight modifications(different domain or email addresses) based on the ticket. Due to the advanced nature of these commands and queries these were not something a simple macro program can handle.

After using for months personally I shared the link to the web app with a few colleagues to see how they liked it and they all loved it. It has been evolving ever since.

After seeing the potential I decided it was time to create this as product and service for other companies and individuals looking to become more efficient and less stressed when doing repetitive complex things over and over. Currently, it is focused on cPanel, Cyberpanel(Centos), and Plesk which are the most popular web hosting control panels. Any panel and OS profile can be added rapidly though to suit any environment.

Do you have a free version? We sure do it works Lite(free mode). Try now with zero risk!!!
Download the desktop app here.


  • Reduce incident resolution times
  • Find and debug a typical 30 minute+ problem in 30 secs.
  • Sanity Checks to mitigate common pitfalls.
  • Improved SLA results in happier customers and less churn.
  • Eliminate common errors when doing common repetitive tasks from the command line.
  • Reduce agent fatigue from repetitively typing similar commands over and over
  • Eliminate the need to memorize log file locations.
  • When integrated with help desk and environment can eliminate a lot of the most common support requests.


  • Infinitely customizable for any OS environment.
  • Apache/Litespeed error logs and stats(Domlogs) analysis
  • Email logs analysis
  • Firewall logs analysis (Find out what caused a block & provide info to client/company prevent recurring)
  • Firewall support for CSF/APF/Firewalld/UFW. (Block/Unblock/Whitelist or open custom ports)
  • System Administration debugging and kernel/dmesg log analysis. (Rapidly identify what caused system failure)
  • WordPress CLI support for rapidly dealing with common WordPress issues.
  • Magento CLI support
  • Malware & hacked site incident response
  • Troubleshooting live performance issues of an account
  • Rapid analysis of past specific occurrences via atop, atopsar, sar, and other reporting tools.
  • Advanced user session login auditing and accounting. (Find who did what and when for the account)
  • DNS analysis via advanced lookup tools (integrates all of the most needed stuff in one spot)
  • RsyncRestore web app for rapidly generating restore commands for restoring sites from rsync rsnapshots.
  • IP lookup tools
  • MySQL advanced log analysis and troubleshooting tools
  • Cross Platform Desktop support for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Hosts File Editor and DNS Resolver Cache Flush tools(Windows,Linux)
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux or any OS with SSH support.
  • Support Windows cmd/powershell in addition to bash if Windows openSSH Server installed. See here for details.


Domlogs snapshot rapid analysis of traffic
Sucuri Waf Detection and showing interactive htop working

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