How to Install the PHP SSH2 Extension for cPanel/CyberPanel

This tutorial shows how to install ssh2 for lsphp for Litespeed/Openlitespeed servers for control panels like Cyberpanel and cPanel. Installation via pecl is easiest so first step is ensuring pecl is updated. Installation for CyberPanel based servers Update pecl Example: Install via pecl for Centos/RHEL/Almalinux and derivatives Install via pecl Ubuntu Check if its installed …

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Set hostname for CyberPanel Postfix/Dovecot

Things that should be checked change ‘’ to your hostnameHostname set via hostnamectl set-hostname Postfix hostname should be configuredpostconf -e ‘myhostname =’ Find and replace/update of the below paths with new hostname/etc/hosts/etc/mailname/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf Then check for your hostname like the below. In my case it was ‘’ If you have Ipv6 you should also …

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