Application Installation and Config Paths

App config and sshdb and user db location paths

The application stores application preferences in the OS native way which is a config file for Linux, registry for Windows, and plist file for MacOS. This includes globals like window state, control panel dropdown, and license key.

The user specific stuff like custom user commands, ssh config db, and main core/corporate commands db is stored in the OS specific paths as outlined per OS below.

The files that would be seen in this path.

wizardassistant.db : The core commands which self update and are sha256sum checked. Do not edit this. It will cause checksum to fail and it will just be redownloaded overwriting any changes.

corporate_cmd.db(if applicable) : Name can vary depending on your corps decision.

custom_user_cmd.db : This is a custom user commands sqlite for storing your custom commands which are loaded fresh each time app is restarted. Think of it like a “child theme” it extends the main and corporate commands with yours and these only exist locally on the device.

wizardwebssh.db : This is your user level custom SSH config settings and keys if added.

If looking to copy or migrate your installation to another device the files you should copy to the other installation would be the custom_user_cmd.db and wizardwebssh.db

wizardassistant-merged.db : This is the result of a 3 way merge of wizardassistant.db + corporate_cmd.db(if applicable) + custom_user_cmd.db. This file is regenerated each time on application start and should not be edited.



User config DB location path.


Installation path:




For user “mike” it would result in the below path when using the variable above.


Installation path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\WizardAssistant




Installation path:


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