Hosts file Editing and Flushing DNS(Premium Feature)

The app has the ability to open your OS specific hosts file for editing and also clear/flush DNS. This makes it so easy to troubleshoot a variety of issues.

One case is for migrations teams where they need to check source and see if an issue existed on old server before migration and client is pretending like you broke their site hoping you’ll just fix their developer related issue.

Another really super handy use for this is when you need to check or bypass a WAF(Web Application Firewall) or CDN(Content Delivery Network) like CloudFlare, Sucuri, or to see if the issue is related to the WAF/CDN or verify if the site your looking at hidden behind a WAF is actually pointed to the correct server. You can put a test file on the server and test with and without hosts file to see its in WAF/CDN to confirm the DNS is pointed to the servers you control.

To edit your hosts file: Navigate to the Tools Menu > Hosts File Editor
It will then spawn an elevated admin/sudo/UAC prompt and open the hosts file for editing and flush the dns resolver cache.

Hosts File Editor DNS Cache flush menu options

See below video for how slick this process is with the app for Windows and Linux. If on Linux I highly recommend following our guide here for setting up passwordless sudo access to the hosts file editor and systemd dns resolver flush services. Windows Hosts file editing and DNS Flushing Linux Hosts file Editing and DNS resolver cache clearing.

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