Verify installer integrity

For the security conscious we do provide sha256 checksums for each release.

Latest versioned download links are always available in the json file linked below along with their corresponding checksums.

So to check from the release which currently is 1.0.51 you would download the file for your OS and then check it like outlined below and compare the checksum. Please note the below version may not be the latest but it is an example and latest version and hashes are always in the json link above.

sha256: 4c9ddeefb2c96d8d498c2de9d1104f277cf29d383192cedf606171ac33ba4bf6

How to verify hash in Powershell/cmd prompt:

certUtil -hashfile WizardAssistantSetup-1.0.51.exe SHA256

sha256: 0e2e7081dbefac98f0dad0d8a2496f1ffe34335939a64d89f5690b01286a3e87

How to verify hash in terminal:

sha256sum WizardAssistant-1.0.51.deb

sha256: 88e0f96454ec904c447a9a290cff5370d11d7f13f55c579ca44442d7e3c32533

How to verify hash in terminal:

shasum -a 256 WizardAssistant-1.0.51.dmg

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