SSH Config

The application has SSH profile and config support which gives Windows users an easy and integrated way to use SSH keys with passphrases saved and click to connect profile support with Premium license.

To manage your SSH config navigate to Menu > Settings > SSH Config.

Once opened it will show something like this where you can add your ssh logins into your custom sshconfig sqlite3 db.

You can embed your entire raw keypairs or put the full path to the keyfiles on the local system. This makes copying your profile from desktop to laptop or backup system a breeze.

These logins never leave your system and are stored in the path it shows. You can also use an Sqlite3 editor like DB Browser or similar to edit them if you prefer doing so that way and need to bulk edit or insert stuff.

A special note for Linux/Mac users with SSH key agents you can put in just the connection name along with the hostname and username and your native key agent will handle the keyfiles and passphrases without entering here. This gives you full control and simplicity if desired in the config which works uniformly across platforms.

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